Skin Peels

The Skin Clinicians stock a large range of peels to suit everyone’s needs and skin type.  Because The Skin Clinicians is a medical clinic,  we have special authority to stock peels and skin care which is at a higher concentration and quality to non medical clinics.  This means you get a higher grade/concentration of active ingredients providing exceptional results from your peels and skin care.


Specific peel treatments are targeted to adress your concerns:

  •  sun damage

  • reduce and prevent pigmentation,

  • reduce clogged and open pores,

  • treat pimples and acne,

  • improve skin appearance,

  • exfoliation,

  • boost collagen and elastin production.


Our peels improve the skin’s health, giving a fresher healthier appearance and feel to your skin.


We class our peels as “Today and Tomorrow” peels.  Some of them can be performed “today” with no prepping of the skin required.  Some of our deeper “tomorrow” peels require the skin to be properly prepped for 2 – 4weeks prior with a tyrosinase inhibitor and or an AGP Vitamin A complex.


Our skin consultations are complimentary, so feel free to make an appointment to discuss the right peel for you.