Cheek enhancement involves the use of dermal fillers injected into the mid-face to add contour, shape, volume and structure.


Cheek contouring, volume replacement, lower face lifting.


0 – 5 days


45 minutes


12 – 24 months

Pregnancy Safe?


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As we age, we can lose significant volume in our midface and cheek area. This can give the appearance of being tired or sad and affect skin laxity and definition of the lower face and jawline. Gentle replenishment of the volume in the cheek area with dermal fillers is a subtle natural looking way to restore lost volume while providing a fresher, brighter and happier appearance.  

A cheek augmentation is also a beautiful way to enhance the cheeks or bone structure of the face. Our approach to every cheek augmentation is to create balanced, natural looking contours and curves.  

We recommend a consultation to assess your suitability for a cheek augmentation, meet our team and provide you with all the information regarding this procedure. 

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