A lip augmentation involves injecting small aliquots of dermal filler into lips to produce a beautiful natural looking defined lip. With advanced injecting techniques you can increase lip size, volume, add shape, improve symmetry, gloss and hydration.


Individually tailored.
Add volume, definition, symmetry, and hydration.


2 – 7 days


15 minutes


6-12 months

Pregnancy Safe?


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At The Skin Clinicians we specialise in a natural lip augmentation using advanced injectable techniques and the highest quality dermal fillers to deliver results precisely and comfortably.  

Every lip augmentation is customised to achieve your desired outcome. From the dermal filler choice, the volume injected and the particular injectable technique used.  

Booking a consultation is a great place to start if you are feeling unsure and would like more information about the lip augmentation procedure, risks, downtime and desired outcome.  

What can a lip augmentation address?

Increase size and fullness

Define the lip border

Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, vertical lip lines eg  smokers lines

Restore hydration

Reshape or re-balance proportions 

Improve lip symmetry

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