Intravenous Nutritional Therapy

single treatment $580
course of 6 monthly sessions $3,000
Combined with Vitamin C & B $800

Feeling tired or generally lacking energy ? Unable to concentrate on the task at hand ? Anxious or depressed ?  Trying to reduce cravings for alcohol or drugs?

These feelings are almost universal in today’s “hectic” world where the demands on our time seem to be ever increasing.


Intravenous NAD+ could be your solution?   NAD+ is a naturally occurring “coenzyme” found in all humans that is essential for normal cellular function.  As we age NAD+ decreases and having a significant effect on the bodily processes that rely on it.


So what is a coenzyme?  It’s a “helper molecule” in processes that regulates biological activity in the human body.  NAD+ helps turn nutrients into energy, repair our DNA and serves as an internal anti-inflammatory agent. Implicated in protecting us from neurodegenerative disorders , increasing energy levels , improving cognitive function and memory, reducing anxiety and depression and even helping with heart and vascular health .


World experts on NAD+ believe that because of it’s central function as a regulator of metabolism NAD+ may have a  place as a potent anti-ageing molecule . Some scientists are touting it as the “fountain of youth”.  


So how do we get NAD+? The most effective way is through an intravenous drip. 

How many NAD+ infusions will I need?  Our doctor will discuss what regime would be best for you and your current health status.  

What happens at your appointment?

👨🏻‍⚕️        A comprehensive medical consultation with Dr Shirley  where a prescription blend of vitamins will be  prescribed. 

💉       Dr Shirley requires most patients have a blood test a couple of days before infusion therapy.  


What happens on the day of your infusion? 

We recommend patients be well hydrated and have a couple of glasses of water about an hour before treatment, wear comfortable clothing allowing for easy  access to your forearm and elbow.  Depending on the infusion blend prescribed you may be relaxing with us for up to 2hrs

Vitamin C

single treatment $279

Vitamin C & B

single treatment $329

Multi B ( B1, B2, B3, B5, B6

single treatment $279


single treatment $250

To make an appointment or find out more please call or email the clinic.