About Dr Christopher Shirley

M.B. , B.S. Qld

Chris has been a Medical Practitioner for over 25 years , graduating from the University of Queensland in 1988 with Bachelors degrees in Medicine and Surgery. Since then he has had extensive experience across all the surgical sub-specialities including cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. In 1993 he passed his Surgical Primary Examination with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons ( RACS ) and spent three years as an Orthopaedic Principal House Officer and three years as an advanced, accredited trainee in General Surgery.


His practice still includes extensive surgical primary care with a special interest in the management of skin cancer as well as aesthetic skin care.


Dr Chris visits each Wednesday to conduct thorough routine skin checks, excise suspicious lesions and moles as well as skin irregularities for aesthetic purposes.  No referral is required for these service.

As testament to his commitment to provide the highest quality of patient care, he is a member of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia
(SCCA) - the leading representative and educational body for primary practitioners specialising in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer in Australia and New Zealand, and has completed Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and Certificate of Dermatoscopy. 

Chris is married with four children which along with his many hobbies and interests keeps him happy and busy away from his work.  Always striving to achieve a healthy work-life balance he enjoys cycling , kitesurfing , dirt-bike riding and swimming and is a qualified and currently active Rugby Union referee.

Chris finds his work very satisfying, rewarding and constantly challenging but particularly enjoys helping his patients achieve the health outcomes they deserve . 

Phone:  3899 8808 |  0403 915 652
Email:  info@theskinclinicians.com.au
Address:  39 Riding Road, Hawthorne, Qld
Treatment Times: Tuesday - Saturday
Evening appointments are available 
Clinic  reception hours:  Tues to Sat 9am - 4pm




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