Cheek Enhancement

Cheek enhancement/augmentation is performed to improve facial appearance by adding volume to the cheek,  which can be lost due to age, weight loss or excercise.  


This procedure can help sinking and hollowing of the cheek area, tired appearance from cheek volume loss, volume loss in the face from long term exercise, cheek sagging causing deepened nasolabial folds (deepened lines from nose to mouth).  


This procedure is effective for  waterfall lines (wrinkles and/or gathering folds of skin from eyes and running down cheeks), or if you would just like higher more defined cheek bones and fuller cheeks.


Dermal fillers are carefully injected beneath the skin’s surface to gently restore youthful contours, provide structure and add natural looking volume.   


Cheek augmentation takes approximately 30 minutes and results are  immediately visible.  There is no downtime.  The effects of cheek enhancement with non-permanent filler typically last up to 18mths - 2years.  This procedure is not painful and our entire range of dermal fillers contain  local anaesthetic.


By lifting the cheek area (mid face), the lower third of the face can also benefit, providing lift and definition.